Being a part of the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce has truly been one of the best business decisions I have ever made. This Chamber is committed to helping it's members not only have a forum to share what they do, but also grow and gain confidence in learning how to present themselves, build relationships and truly be a respected business owner. Our Chamber members are incredibly loyal to each other and I have loved every minute of getting to know them. My business has increased dramatically because of my affiliation with the Chamber, the staff is awesome and I will always be a member!!!!!

Membership in the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce is one of the best investments a business can make.  Not only does the Lakewood Chamber provide members with excellent events to attend (who wouldn’t love our famous annual Chili Cook Off and fabulous Business After Hours Events?),  the Chamber is there to help business owners stay informed about what is happening in the Community and in our Local and State Governments.  I am proud to be a Member of the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce!

This chamber has been good for us in countless ways, from supporting our efforts here, providing me with unlimited professional guidance and other members giving back to us as well. Our Chamber staff members are the best, so if you are wondering about renewing or joining, I highly suggest that you do so.

I have been a member of the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce for 5 years.  Every month there is a chance to do some excellent networking, whether it is a luncheon, business after hours, AM networking or the Military Affairs meeting.  The two trade shows they do every year is a great way to showcase your business.  I find the staff and members of the chamber to be a very sociable group of people and a great group to do business with.

I belong to many organizations, but the best business organization is the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce. We have a lot of fun, we share a lot of information, and the Lakewood Chamber is not afraid to promote a business friendly tax and regulatory climate. Which is very important as we have some local, state and national elected officials who often are promoting big government at the expense of small business.

Last year through the referendum process in Lakewood, there was a proposition placed on the ballot that would have eliminated our business in the city.  The Lakewood Chamber stepped up and defended our position and was vocal about defending legal businesses in the city.  Without the Chambers support the outcome would have been in question.  This Chamber is actively involved in all local and state issues that directly impact the health of member businesses.

My 20+ years relationship with the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce has been one of support and recognition.  Recognition of the vital role of Reservists, many of whom live and work in the South Puget Sound, and support of them and their families.  The business leaders of Lakewood are an integral part of our organization and our success.

Surrounding yourself with people who want to see you succeed in business is so important.  Lakewood Chamber CEO, staff and members are those people.

The Lakewood Chamber of Commerce is an incredible place to connect with other business leaders and share your business with the community. The small but effective staff do a wonderful job of welcoming you to the Chamber family. I believe the Lakewood Chamber sets themselves apart from other organizations because they actively participate in making a difference in their community and the businesses they represent. Of all our affiliations I can proudly say we are "at home" with the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce. Our involvement with the Chamber has been extremely rewarding and we look forward to being a long time member.

The Lakewood Chamber of Commerce has been a great partner to the Raider Brigade; establishing the Adopt-A-Company program. This partnership has reaped rewards for our deployed Soldiers and their families in the Lakewood region. Thank you for supporting us during this deployment.

The Lakewood Chamber has always been a great networking organization for people and businesses in Lakewood and the surrounding area. The Chamber provides an incredible Ambassador program, monthly meetings, monthly after hours, and numerous other events throughout the year where business representatives and owners can network. Not only have I personally gained from my membership in the Lakewood Chamber, but I know many business representatives and owners who have enjoyed this Chamber. Linda does an excellent job of staying on top of legislation that affects business owners (from local to national); and Mary Ann does an incredible job making all new members feel welcome and helping them find a way to be an active member of the chamber.

ALLEN Realtors has been a member of the Lakewood Chamber since 1971. It's a terrific way to stay connected with and to support the local business community. It's a sound business investment and a lot of fun!

We operate a very successful Wellness Consulting business in Lakewood and have to attribute a lot of our success to the connections and networking the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce has afforded. The Chamber is extremely proactive in their outreach programs to keep the community informed of what is happening not only in Lakewood but also with the extensive Military population. They continue to work for small businesses on the political front and are constantly vigilant on our behalf at the State Capitol in Olympia. We have never had the opportunity to work with such a positive, on purpose office as the Lakewood Chamber. The return on investment is tremendous as the financial bottom line will certainly show significant improvement with increased business.

The Lakewood Chamber of Commerce is an excellent way to network with local business and organization leaders. You will be kept up to date on local, state and federal political issues that may affect your business. Being a member is important to your businesses long term health. Your level of personal or business involvement is your choice but we encourage you to become an active member. The more involved you become the more valuable your membership.

Chambers of Commerce were created to serve as a venue for businesses to "increase commerce." The Lakewood Chamber has built a strong and solid relationship with the community and businesses, and they create many networking opportunities so members can identify new sales opportunities. I can personally say that I have received many referrals from community people because of my involvement with the Lakewood Chamber. Although the Chamber provides you with the tools, it's up to you to make the most of these opportunities.

We just recently joined the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce. We joined forces with the Lakewood Chamber because of the excitement and commitment Linda, Mary Ann and Scott bring to every event we participate in. Participating in the Another Bloomin’ Tradeshow in spring, The BOO Bash in October and the After Hours events allows us the opportunity to connect with the people of the South Sound we already serve, then offers us the added opportunity to find new and cutting edge tools to broaden our business base. The events and on going educational seminars offered at the Chamber are dialed into what the business community needs in keeping us current on issues and tools to survive in somewhat tough economic times.

As a small business, our focus is to promote local business and businesses.  Unlike other Chambers to which we've belonged, the Lakewood Chamber champions local business and strives to become familiar with individual members’ business, their owners, and their staff.  It’s a great service to be able to call or email Linda with a problem or question and know that she is already aware of what we do, what we are, and what we care about. As far as ACC Tech is concerned regarding membership in the Lakewood Chamber is if we ask for local dollars we must support local businesses - and that includes those who are working tirelessly to promote all local businesses - Our Lakewood Chamber of Commerce. They’re well informed, professional and great to work with.

I have had the honor and privilege of working closely with the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce and Linda Smith for the past 15+ years.  I first started working with the Chamber as a Fraud and Forgery Detective, that relationship has blossomed into a multi year long standing respect for this organization.  I am now the Chief of the Lakewood Police department.  I am proud of the work that the Lakewood Chamber continues to do with our local business owners and committed to maintaining our great working relationship.

The Lakewood Chamber is a fantastic place to network your business and connect with other like minded business owners and entrepreneurs. It has been one of the best moves we made for our business!!

One of the best moves I have made in my business was to join the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce. Fantastic support, useful and fun events, great networking opportunities, plus real business growth opportunties.

We are so fortunate to be part of a Chamber of Commerce that actually is and does what a Chamber is supposed to do. Strong leadership; an extraordinary, savvy staff; and a membership sincerely interested in doing business with other members. Membership in the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce is a genuine investment in one's own success.

The Lakewood Chamber has exceeded my expectations in many ways! The networking opportunities have enhanced my business while having fun at the same time.The chamber staff is always helpful,professional and a pleasure to work with.I strongly recommend any business to join and get involved in this great organization!Thanks for everything!

The Lakewood Chamber of Commerce is definitely a great organization to belong to.... Great networking events. Wonderful community involvement. And great advocates for the local business community. While other organizations may be stagnant the Lakewood Chamber is alive and thriving!

We treasure our membership in the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce. The chamber staf...f manages to balance business and fun so that all the events and activities not only serve the needs of its members but also are enjoyable. As a small business owner I appreciate that the Lakewood Chamber recognizes the value of small business in our community. The board of the Lakewood Chamber includes many small business owners and that's not something you see often with other Chambers of Commerce.

If your looking for a great way to grow your business and meet some wonderful people, the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce is the place to go and join. While a member for just under one year, from the first event I attended I knew I made the right choice. The business connections I've made, the people I've met and the Chamber Staff have all made it seem I've been a member for years. Definitely worth the investment and time. I'm looking forward to my second year as a member and many more.

I love the Lakewood Chamber's support of small business! Wonderful people too - so welcoming and sincere!

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